Please note

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Please note that I am taking a little time off between now and January to welcome Baby Lay into this world and to spend time with her and Chip celebrating the start of our new little family.  I am officially turning on my auto responder on email today, so I will be “unplugged” for the time being.  I plan to keep updating the blog as regularly as possible, but please forgive any delay in my response to email.  I look forward to returning in January!

Chip and I are soaking up every free minute we have to enjoy this time of just “us.”  It has been a treat, although we are excited to start new traditions with the new addition.  Last weekend, we brunched, shopped in the Highlands, and went to Scott’s antique market.  Below are some of my favorite finds.  I always love the industrial welded together pieces of random items – very inspirational!  I also thought the driftwood Christmas tree was lovely.

Antique Market